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Photo of TMD HYOSUNG UNIVERSAL SP5 KIT 7600I-T-DR-5600-5300 TMD-35


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Anti-Skimming with integrated Skimming Device Detection and Auto Protection Includes: CPK, SDK, TVK, DSW and Integrated USB communication

CPK: Card Protection Kit. (Includes the TSM/Transmitter - Jammer). Protects against skimming where the skimming devices are attached to the card entry slot of the fascia.

TVK: Tilt and Vibration Kit. Protects against skimming by providing smart protection against criminal attempts to cut, saw or drill into the fascia so as to try and access the card reader; it also protects against attempts to disable or remove the TSM.

SDK: Surface Detection Kit. Due to the design and functionality of DIP card readers, a constant electromagnetic jamming field would interfere with a normal transaction. Therefore, the TSM jamming signal is only activated once the SDK detection feature has identified the presence of a fraudulent device. An informational alert is generated so that the deployer can take appropriate action.

DSW: Door Switch. Ensures that no alerts are generated during authorised access to the ATM/SST for maintenance or service when the TVK and SDK are in action by temporarily putting the TVK and SDK in 'standby' mode when the door is open.

Integrated USB communication. For local use with the CPK Utility Software

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